January 2nd, 2017

I have no idea what this is all about with B, but I have a strong sense that it had to do with our past (daaaa..). One way or another, at this point it’s pretty clear that she is here to get me and won’t leave no matter what – and I mean, no matter.

I have two options. Call the police or take up the dialog. Given that she’s my sister, the first one won’t really do.

So, you know, a couple of days ago I sent her a longish, serious email, asking what is this really about, and making it clear that I feel somewhat intimidated and under-siege. She ignored that. She called me early this morning saying that she just rented an apartment in Charlotte (!!! the city where I live)  and that we are now going to have a relationship.

I am concerned about her mental health. And it’s not like I need more drama. I mean, life is hard enough if you’re an immigrant, recently divorced and moved to a different state.

OK, I guess I’m being sorry for myself.

We’re supposed to meet this weekend in a park nearby.


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