February 10th, 2017


Hello All,

I am B, and I am taking over this blog since my sister got too preoccupied with neurobiology studies.  If you were coming here for personal gossip, you can delete the bookmark, because there won’t be any from this post on. As the last goodbye tit-bit: you should know that I moved in with my Sis and her lovely housemates. And that she’s cool with that, though for now she isn’t OK with my boyfriend coming over (the guy has some issues, but I love him anyway).

OK now, let’s get down to yoga. One day last week I woke up around 5am and couldn’t go back to sleep and decided to run to a 6am class. I used to go to the gym before work and it made my days much better, up until my body run out of energy  and I had to stop that. Still, morning exercise didn’t seem unreasonable, and it turns out dozens of people in Charlotte do it. 

So I went and got hooked. 

This morning it took Hamilton the musical to get me up and running, but I sure don’t regret getting out before 5.30am. I did a power class, in which the teacher chose to stand behind me an assist me during chair pose. If she wasn’t commenting out loud – with all the best intentions – I would have dropped out. I would have dropped out multiple times. I was shaking, my thighs were burning. But because of her I stayed with it – pure shame perhaps. The release I felt afterwards was quite something. I wanted to stay for another class but my mind was telling me that my muscles need to regenerate and they were already hurting in first class. But I wanted to stay. I felt so into it. And I did. And you know what? I did. And it was awesome, awesome day, I see so much good.

I get a vague sense that this has to do with tapas. 

I can do more than I think. They say that, but I never heard it because MY “i can’t” is for reals… 

Another thing I started noticing is the issue of choice. In the recent days there were moments when I COULD sooth myself with just my breath and I wasn’t choosing to do so – I wanted food – regular food and thought food. Up until this morning, when I came home all high after the double yoga, and one of our housemates was vomiting and miserable. I offered him some “amateur reiki” and I just had to let go of my self-thoughts to do it. I did a fair amount of shaking during the session. 


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